Friday, November 29, 2013

Taşucu, warm and welcoming

After three easy rides I reached Taşucu, a little town on the coast of Mediteranean Sea from where passenger ferryboats depart to the port of Girne in Norther Cyprus. In the summer it almost doubles in population due to swarming tourists; right now it's rather sleepy and tranquil. Most of its activity is focused around the ferry port; also my host, Seçkin, is a coast guard and works on one of the boats, usually sailing on the coast of Mersin Province.

Despite its size and rather not many things to do in the town itself I haven't left Taşucu for nearby bigger Silifke, thinking I didn't come that far from landlocked Ankara just to immediately escape from the sea. Hanging around in the center, I came across a map of the surroundings and thought it would be pleasant to hike to nearby Akgöl and Göksu delta, one of the world's best preserved wetlands in the world located between Taşucu and Silifke. Looking at the map it seemed to me that I could easily follow coast, by which I could keep people and noisy roads at bay. As I walked along the coast, at some point I reached another part of the port that didn't seem to have a direct passage, so I forgot about my idea of a longer hike thinking that looking for effective detours would take too much time and by the time I reach my destination I'd already have to come back because of the short length of the days. Later my host told me about the big detour you have to take to reach the delta and I felt quite wistful for a lost chance but hanging around the coast, writing and even some studying (Portuguese!) while listening to the humming of the sea was not any worse than some physical activity.

This visit was also special thanks to my wonderful hosts, Seçkin and his Philippino wife Aiza, who are fascinated with Asia and strengthened my belief that I definitely have to experience the Far East one day. One the other hand, I inspired Aiza, who would like to finally see Europe, to do a short-term EVS. Who knows, maybe one of our future reunions will take place on the Old Continent?

Many boats serve the purpose of hotels or restaurants, there's even an aquarium!

I fell in love with murals along the promenade painted by kids from different countries over five years ago.

Winter definitely doesn't want to come to this place...